Type-G Melody Sample | PATLITE
Type-G Melody Sample
ตัวอย่างเสียง Type G สำหรับลำโพงเสียงPATLITE รุ่น EHV ที่เป็น Type HG, TG
No.1 Galactic Hovercraft
No.2 Game Intemission
No.3 Spring Melody
No.4 Jalopy Horn
No.5 ET Doorbell
No.6 RR-crossing
No.7 Starting Notice Chime1
No.8 Starting Notice Chime2
No.9 Ending Notice Chime1
No.10 Ending Notice Chime2
No.11 The Parade of the Tin Soldiers
No.12 If You're Happy and You Know It
No.13 Flea Waltz
No.14 Turkey in the Straw
No.15 The Battle Hymn of the Republic
No.16 J'ai perdu le do de ma clarinette
No.17 Can-can
No.18 Radetzky March
No.19 Funiculi, Funicula
No.20 Csikos Post
No.21 Polka Tramblanka
No.22 O Vreneli
No.24 El Condor Pasa (If I Could)
No.25 Hungarian Dance No.5
No.26 William Tell Overture
No.27 Pomp and Circumstance
No.28 Greensleeves
No.29 Nedelka
No.30 Moonlight Serenade
No.32 Beep
No.33 Stutter
No.34 Bell
No.35 Yelp
No.36 Rapid Hi-lLo
No.37 Melody Chime
No.38 Synthesized Piano
No.39 Synthesized Bell
No.40 Stutter + Bell
No.41 Synthesized Melody
No.42 Chime
No.43 Call Sign
No.44 Train Ride
No.45 Galloping Hi-Lo
No.46 Alien Chatter
No.47 Falling Crystals
No.48 Inverted Revelie
No.49 Galatic Motor
No.50 Ringing Phone
No.51 Two Tone
No.52 Alarm Clock
No.53 Ringing Hi-Lo
No.54 For Elise
No.55 Minuet in Gmaj
No.56 Annie Laurie
No.57 London Bridge is falling down
No.58 Mary had a little Lamb
No.59 Camptown Races
No.60 Amarylis
No.61 Symphony
No.62 Ave Maria
No.63 Grandfather's Clock
* PATLITE Corporation has not applied for permission to use certain copyrighted music or songs recorded for Type-A, Type-C, Type-D and Type-F melody charts outside of Japan.
Therefore, please contact the local copyright association for permission before using the product in case this product is used outside of Japan. Melody charts Type-E and Type-G are recommended for use outside of Japan as this playlist does not include copyrighted music or songs, and permission is not required.