Type-E Melody Sample | PATLITE
Type-E Melody Sample
ตัวอย่าง เสียง Type E สำหรับลำโพงเสียง PATLITE รุ่น BD, BK, EHS Hybird แสงและเสียง KJT, RFT, LKEH (ที่ไม่ใช่ FV), RT
No.1 Beep
No.2 Stutter
No.3 Bell
No.4 Yelp
No.5 Rapid Hi-lLo
No.6 Melody Chime
No.7 Synthesized Piano
No.8 Synthesized Bell
No.9 Stutter + Bell
No.10 Synthesized Melody
No.11 Chime
No.12 Call Sign
No.13 Train Ride
No.14 Galloping Hi-Lo
No.15 Alien Chatter
No.16 Falling Crystals
No.17 Inverted Revelie
No.18 Galatic Motor
No.19 Ringing Phone
No.20 Two Tone
No.21 Alarm Clock
No.22 Ringing Hi-Lo
No.23 For Elise
No.24 Minuet in Gmaj
No.25 Annie Laurie
No.26 London Bridge is falling down
No.27 Mary had a little Lamb
No.28 Camptown Races
No.29 Amarylis
No.30 Symphony
No.31 Ave Maria
No.32 Grandfather's Clock
* PATLITE Corporation has not applied for permission to use certain copyrighted music or songs recorded for Type-A, Type-C, Type-D and Type-F melody charts outside of Japan.
Therefore, please contact the local copyright association for permission before using the product in case this product is used outside of Japan. Melody charts Type-E and Type-G are recommended for use outside of Japan as this playlist does not include copyrighted music or songs, and permission is not required.