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Browser-Based SCADA Software

Main Features

  • Enables 100% web-based remote engineering, monitoring, and control
  • Driver support for major PLCs, PACs, I/O modules, CNCs, network switches, and computer platforms
  • Supports standard protocols including Modbus, OPC UA, OPC DA, Ethernet/IP, DNP3, SNMP, and BACnet
  • WebAcccess/Dashboard 2.0 HTML5-based GUI for cross-browser, cross-platform data analysis; Widget Builder for creating custom widgets; and access to external databases and web service interfaces for data acquisition from third-party software systems
  • Provides WebAccess APP for remote monitoring/control and alarm push notification for Android/iOS mobile devices
  • Easily integrated with third-party software (e.g., MES and ERP) via open interface web services (RESTful API and SignalR), widget interfaces, and WebAccess APIs
  • Flexible database restore mode for automatic data access with improved query speeds
  • Soft license online authentication


    Advantech WebAccess/SCADA is a 100% web-based SCADA software solution/IIoT platform with open interfaces for developing IoT applications aimed at various vertical markets.
    It also acts as a gateway for collecting data from ground equipment and transferring the data to cloud applications via MQTT publish/subscribe. In addition to traditional SCADA
    functions, WebAccess/SCADA features an HTML5-based intelligent dashboard that enables cross-platform, cross-browser data analysis.
    The basic components of WebAccess/SCADA are as follows:
    1. Project Node: This is the project development platform. It also acts as a web server for all clients to connect to development projects, thus facilitating remote monitoring and system
    control. All system configuration settings, project database files, and graphics are stored in this node.
    2. SCADA Node: With various built-in device drivers, this node enables real-time communication with and control over automation equipment via serial, Ethernet, or proprietary
    communication protocols. It also provides real-time data access for all remote clients.
    3. ViewDAQ Client: Through Microsoft Internet Explorer's ActiveX control, ViewDAQ Client monitors and controls the SCADA node. Clients must first connect to the project node to
    obtain the SCADA node address before they can communicate directly with the SCADA node. Data can be visualized in real time as dynamic graphics, presenting historical trends
    and alarm information for the user. ViewDAQ Client can be used to acknowledge alarms and adjust set-point data, status data, and other information.
    4. Dashboard Client: This enables users to access the dashboard server via any browser on any platform (e.g., computer, pad, or smartphone) with iOS, Android, or Windows.
    5. WebAccess APP: This provides a new interface for displaying usage information. Connecting to the WebAccess server enables users to perform remote monitoring of control points
    and alarms while visualizing trends and communication statuses via the dashboard. Additionally, it provides push notifications for mobile devices.



    PartNumber I/O Tag Number
    WA-P83-N075E 75
    WA-P83-N150E 150
    WA-P83-N15HE 1500
    WA-P83-N20KE 20000
    WA-P83-N300E 300
    WA-P83-N50HE 5000
    WA-P83-N600E 600
    WA-P83-N64KE Unlimited
    WA-P83-U075E 75
    WA-P83-U150E 150
    WA-P83-U15HE 1500
    WA-P83-U20KE 20000
    WA-P83-U300E 300
    WA-P83-U50HE 5000
    WA-P83-U600E 600
    WA-P83-U64KE Unlimited
    WA-X83-P075E 75
    WA-X83-P15HE Upgrade to 8.3
    WA-X83-P300E 300
    WA-X83-P50HE 5000
    WA-X83-P600E 600


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